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Handheld red warming signal light------constant and flashing with 17 LED torch

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  • Supply Ability:300 piecesWarranty(Year):3 Year

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  • Packaging:12 piece

Product Specifications

Product Description

This amazing new generation of heavy duty railway portable signal light is not only performed high quality, but also provides the safer signaling working conditions. 


Main features introduction for type LH40R17:

1. Amazing convenient dual light sources of signal light and torch in one body designed.

2. RED SIGNAL LIGHT-----40 super-bright red LED signal torch provides the constant red, red slow wrinkle and slow wrinkle warning mobile signal with visible distance over 300 meters during the day time and over 3,000 meters at night.

3.17 LED TORCH-----17 super-bright 10mm white LED torch provides about 16 hours constant torch illumination with brightness readable at 20 meters away.

4. The large capacity of 9,000mAh rechargeable Ni-MH battery adopted for matching of total 78 LED.

5. 3 red signal switch button shows the corresponding signal and signals shifting easily and promptly.

6. Light shell made of Bayer PC material and anti-drop structure designed.

7. The China railway qualification has certified by CRCC with registered No.2005THw148,

8. CE certificate is available with No. TB11122210.


What makes it be a high quality product; it makes up a lot of advanced technique and highly cost parts:

? Smart programmed CPU is applied which controls all the functions and makes light long time works properly.

? Smart 6-stage pulse charge technology applied which guaranteed the battery life over to 6 years

? Battery charging, and fully charged LED indicate; Fine current charges automatically keeping.

? Battery over charge, over discharge auto protected and charging time limited

? Low power LED indicates and reminds you the light need to be charged ASAP.

? High cost of low temperature imported parts applied in the circuit.

?. Permanent power makes brightness of the signal and torch unchanged all the time.

? Removable high bright light-reflect belt provided for safer during the work.

? 12 V car charge available, and the car charge cable provided.

? Real water-proof charge socket designed with IP degree 67 designed.

? Safe works under extreme temperature conditions between -40C ~ +50C.

? 3 years warranty for light source, battery and circuit.


We also provide the following different color portable signal lights with type as follows:

? Type LH61RGW17-------Portable Red, green and white signal torch is for railway signaling application.

? Type LH61RGY17-------Portable Red, green and yellow signal torch is for railway and road safety.

? Type LH61RB17---------Portable Red and blue strobe signal torch is for road safety and accident rescue.


Seeing and believing. It’s hard to judge the quality without the real sample testing.


If you are looking for the high quality portable railway signal light, this one is your right choice!


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